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Today started a bit bumpy for me. I awoke with the word "Baptism" in my everything (consciousness, spirit, mind, etc.), and it was both soothing and haunting. Then, I had an important meeting, that while I trusted it would go as it should, I was still nervous. I was reviewing and renegotiating a deal with someone I work with, and our previous meetings have not always been conflict-free. So even though I'd decided to allow for whatever, I was still a tinge nervous. The Unknown is still unknown even if you're willing to accept it.

Thankfully, all my interactions of the morning were full of light. Yes, the sun was bright and warm today, but so were the spirits of all who came into contact with me. The lunch meeting came, and all was well. We were able to meet each other in honesty, and for once, we met without conflict. We struck a new deal, and I'm really happy with it. Bottom line: It is going to allow me to build this business more effectively. 

Yep. Expect new products over the next few months. In fact, within the past 24 hours, I've begun developing a cookbook, which is so life-affirming for me personally. I love writing and coaching, but when I'm able to add my own recipes to a project, I'm on Cloud 9.

I don't know what the meaning of my dream was. Nothing else came of it. Perhaps it was just a reminder that I'm not alone, that I'm part of a bigger whole. Perhaps my understanding is yet to come.

So why is this post titled, "Amazing"? Because that's what today was. Amazing. Light-filled. Easy-going. Grace-covered. All needs met. You know, Amazing!!

May tomorrow follow in today's footsteps.


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