Fatigue and Detoxing

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Fatigue and Detoxing

I talked with one of my best friends this morning, and for Lent, she has given up alcohol. She commented that she's really feeling fatigued, so she is starting her smoothie routine again. She also is adding liquid vitamin supplements to them for an extra boost of nutrition. I agree with all of that, but I was still unsettled with her fatigue. A few hours later, it came to me.

Her body's natural detoxification process needs support. So I texted her my Detox-Support Ginger Lemon Tea recipe. Click here for details.

It was really fun sending her that after having my intuition give me insight. But the real joy came when she texted me the following question: Should I add apple cider vinegar to it? I immediately replied, "No. Not in this tonic. This is meant to support your detox process not stimulate it further."

That's really the most important point I want to make with this blog post: Detoxing is important, natural and necessary. Just be sure you do it in small doses so your body can actually clean out. Fatigue and "crummy feelings" are great indicators that you're out of balance. Your liver knows how to detox. Be sure to drink plenty of fresh water (reverse osmosis is my preference) and sip on this Ginger Lemon Tea through the day to help your liver be what it is made to be.

I'm looking forward to hearing about my friend's experience. Feel free to comment about yours, too.


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