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Adversity finds all of us. Even when we ignore it. Even when we say, "I'll get to that tomorrow. I just can't today." And especially when we say that 1000 times.

Yep. They got me on Friday. I have been putting off something important for a long time out of my fear, and Friday it came to an abrupt climax. Today I began to really wrap my head around what happened, so tomorrow I will address something I should've handled months ago. I've run the roller coaster of emotions, but as I am coming back into the station after this last twist, I'm realizing something very important.

I'm alive. I'm loved. I'm learning.

True, I'm also embarrassed and ashamed, but the truth is I've been saying I want to handle this situation (in the bigger sense) for a long time, and now the door has opened to make that happen. It involves money, and I'm thankful that I have the money to address the issue quickly.

I post this here because it's really on my heart to share the reality that we're all learning. Yes, I am an excellent coach, and I can teach a lot of good things to my clients, but I'm also learning. I am human, and that isn't self-deprecation, that's truth.

So, next time you're feeling foolish, remember this post. Even trustworthy and groovy people make mistakes. The good news is - and it really is The Good News - we can repent (turn away/make corrections) and learn from them. Tomorrow is another day to make it right and to turn away from the errors we've made in the past.

In Deo Gratia. And I've never been so excited for the sunrise so I can set this right.


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