Chaos and Change - Got support?

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Chaos and Change - Got support?

I can't help but notice all the chaos and change in our world. The US Presidential Election. Mothers dying, completing their lives. Wildfires in Western North Carolina sending smoke nearly 200 miles away. First Responders with flashing lights and reflective jackets in the middle of the road. Chaos and change. It's unmistakable. It's front and center.

Yet, we keep living. And living is more peaceful and easier with support.

I had a client session today that reminded me of how important it is to have professional support. She and I have been working together for one year on her goals, and her progress is astounding. She has decluttered so much that she and her husband can live the lifestyle they desire. They sold their home, which was too big, and went under contract with a new property that is exactly what they want. Then, abrupt chaos and change came: Mom got diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now my client is helping her parents in another city and closed on her dream home this week. My client is tending to her mother and father as they transition into new housing, new lifestyles, and the preparation for crossing over while experiencing her own life transitions.

And she isn't losing her mind. Or control over her emotions. Or her focus.

I am so honored to be the professional support that she calls upon to help her live her peace.

My client call today really helped me see my gifting of coaching, and I encourage you to consider a session with me to see if working with me is right for you in your season of change. Pray over it. Search your spirit. And, if you're lead to contact me, I ask that you do so. Turns out, chaos and change are nothing new to me, and I have many tools, skills and practices that can help you in your personal transition. I grew up with wildfires threatening life and property. I grew up in a city full of traffic accidents and first responders on the roads. I spent my 20's adapting to rapid change so I know how to create normalcy in the midst of chaos. Then I relocated to a state where I knew only 2 people, got slapped with significant adversity, and built a beautiful life from the ashes. I've trained for this by living this. 

Now I'm ready to help more people live their peace in the midst of all this change. My experience can be your teacher.

A single session to get you started can be purchased here, or you may email me with questions. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Until next time... Live Peace.


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