Five Years, Open Letter, Starting Again, Stay Tuned -

Five Years and Counting - An Open Letter to Y'all

Hello All,

It is hard to believe that I've had my coaching business for 5 years this summer. Five. Full. Years. And so much has happened.

First, thank you to my existing clients for doing the work and being so committed to our coaching relationship. I am in awe of you, and I am excited to enter the next chapter with you alongside.

Second, over the past many months, I have been "downloading" a new direction and attitude towards my site, my business, and my future. I am not ready to reveal those details, but I do feel the need to let y'all know that I am a real person, I am very human, and I am very alive.

When I began this venture, I tried to fit myself into a business model that someone else had designed. I followed many of those suggestions, and that model is good and valid. It works. I regret NONE of my experiences with IIN (The Institute for Integrative Nutrition); in fact, it has been those experiences that have gotten me to this point in my journey. However, because it wasn't tailored to my unique self, I haven't been as consistent with all the things (blog posts, Facebook posts, creating saleable product, etc). Turns out, a lot of the methods that others successfully employ just aren't a match to me, my personality or my brain type. And I had to figure that out for myself in my own way. Thankfully, I'm preparing to employ the ones that do work, which is why I'm still in business.

So, if you're reading this and are wondering what I'm about or where I'm going, please stay tuned and stay patient as I restructure my business processes and pursue these "downloads". I look forward to reaching out to many of you whom I've met along the way, and I am excited to form new relationships with those who are looking for what I have to offer. The next five years will be fun, and I am excited to experience what happens.

Until next time, Peace & Blessings,

Mollie Gordon


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