Reinvention and Renewal, November 2016

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Reinvention and Renewal, November 2016

Here I am. Back in the saddle. It has taken me most of 2016 to come to an understanding of what I really do in my business and what I really want from my business. It might seem to some that I'm constantly changing, giving the appearance of a lack of commitment or talking a lot of fluff for fluff's sake. But that's not the truth. 

The truth is I only recently figured it out.

People are strange, as Jim Morrison pointed out so long ago, and I'm no exception. I tried this and then I tried that, but nothing really stuck, as the period of no blog posts demonstrates. I've had great ideas, but my ability to sustain has been hindered by an inner knowing that I wasn't connecting to my truth. I was just left of center or just right of center. But most times, I was simply mirroring what others had outlined for me, which is why it never quite fit.

But last week, simultaneous with the U.S. Presidential Election Results being announced, it all became so clear.

I am to put hope, light and peace into the world using my spiritual gifts of encouragement, perspective and empathy. I choose to do so through writing, speaking and coaching.

And so, I'm reinventing myself, and therefore, my website. My business is being renewed and redirected. I'm not hiding behind a dba or someone else's business plan like before. I'm not going to keep trying to make myself something I'm not. Instead, I'm going to build my business my way, in my time, using my instincts, my experience and my brain to create what works for me.

As I look back upon the past 5 years, I'm stunned by how much personal growth I have lived through. I've looked a significant health condition in the face and learned to accept it. I've moved residences 5 times (and not once per year) to finally create a home that will work for this season. I now know my strengths, my weaknesses, my deepest fear, and my greatest hope. And I'm nowhere close to being done learning and growing.

But, I am close to helping more people find and live their personal peace. 

So, here's the plan. Over the next however-long-it-takes, I am putting into place a podcast, regular blog posts, meditations, devotionals and new programs to create a profitable business for me and deep healing for others. I'm still dedicated to my declutter programs and products; in fact, I've written a completely new program that flowed so naturally that I can't wait to share it with those who need it. However, my business isn't going to be limited to a single idea or a single niche. I've never been a singular-interest person, and this year has really shown me how unsuccessful a choice that is for me. I operate best when I'm offering multiple products that stem from my interests and heart-space. I also operate best when all of that can be found in one place. So, keep watching the website as more services and products become available. 

Openness to receive good. Another part of my business, and therefore me, that has been reinvented is my openness to receive good. Over my life, I've been rejected and neglected so much that I haven't known how to trust good coming to me. I've resisted it, personally and professionally. However, last week's events broke my heart wide-open, and I'm surprised at how I'm responding to it. Beyond the emotions of it all, I'm discovering that I have a peace I didn't have before: knowing what I'm to do. And so, from that peaceful place, I'm ready to receive the good that is coming so that I can put good into the world. It's a circle of life, and I am comforted that I will be participating in a circle of peace.

To those who have been on this journey with me, thank you for your faithfulness. I couldn't have gotten to this point without your love and acceptance. Because you have loved and accepted me, I've learned how to love and accept myself. 

To those who find this post in the future and decide to join with me to create peace in your homes, your bodies and your spirits, thank you for your faithfulness. To yourself. Transformation comes from within even as it is inspired from without, and your commitment to finding your peace so that you can live in it is beyond commendable. Big hugs all around as a reward for the courage to embrace change, light and love.

I'm really excited about enacting these plans and about bringing tangible programs and products to help others. So great! I hope you will journey with me.

Until next time, I wish you love, light and peace. MWAH!!!


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