Mollie's Detox-Support Ginger Tea

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Mollie's Detox-Support Ginger Tea


1-inch raw, organic ginger root, peeled

16oz hot water, preferably ionized (click here for recipe)

Insulated mug

1/6 fresh lemon wedge, organic (optional)

Raw local honey, to taste (optional)

In your insulated mug, drop the piece of ginger root and top off with the hot water. Allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Remove the ginger root (or allow to steep further if you prefer), and sip on this tonic throughout the day. You may add a squeeze from the lemon and raw honey, if desired.

Please note this tonic is to be sipped throughout the day, not to be guzzled like leaf tea or coffee. Drink room temperature water to keep yourself hydrated, and take one or two sips of the ginger tea every 30-45 minutes until you've finished it. Be sure to keep it hot for maximum benefit. The reason you want to sip it through the day is to support your elimination system over an extended period of time, not flood your bloodstream with more toxins than it can effectively eliminate.

Ginger root is very helpful for overall health as well as detoxification for a variety of reasons due to its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and digestion-supporting properties. Why is this called "tea" when it doesn't have any tea leaves, you ask? I'm not sure, really, except that people call this infusion "ginger tea" so I went with it. When in Rome...


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